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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Teresa C. Younger has served as president and CEO of the Ms. Foundation for Women since 2014. Under Teresa’s leadership, the foundation launched #MyFeminismIs, a multimedia campaign sparking a national conversation on feminism; funded a groundbreaking report on the sexual-abuse-to-prison pipeline; helped announce a $100 million funding commitment to create pathways to economic opportunity for low-income women and girls; and led a campaign to hold the NFL accountable for violence against women.

A noted speaker, advocate, and activist, Teresa has been on the front lines of some of the most important battles for women’s health, safety, and economic justice. She was honored by Planned Parenthood Federation of America as a Dream Keeper, given Liberty Bank’s Willard M. McRae Community Diversity Award, and named one of the “50 Most Powerful Women in Philanthropy” by Inside Philanthropy. A graduate of the University of North Dakota, Teresa serves on the boards of several philanthropic and advocacy organizations and initiatives.

She previously served as the executive director of the Connecticut General Assembly’s Permanent Commission on the Status of Women and as executive director of the ACLU of Connecticut—the first African American and the first woman to hold that position.

Teresa C. Younger

President and CEO, Ms. Foundation for Women

Talk: Black Women Changing the Tides

During trying times like the one we’re experiencing now, people push back against the changing tides, and often, black women represent those changing tides. All leaders have challenges and obstacles that they must overcome to lead effectively, but for black women leading legacy organizations in philanthropy, those challenges are unique.

  • Audience will learn more about what leadership at a legacy foundation looks like
  • Audience will receive insight about the unique challenges of being a Black woman in leadership
  • Audience will receive insight about why it’s so important for women of color to lead organizations like Ms. during this tumultuous time

Cheryl Bachelder is a passionate, purpose-led business leader known for her crisp strategic thinking, a franchisee-focused approach, and superior financial performance. Guided by the servant leadership thinking of Robert Greenleaf, she believes highly caring, collaborative leaders with big ambitions for the enterprise, not themselves, generate the conditions for people to perform their best work.

Cheryl served as CEO of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc., from 2007 to 2017. The story of Popeyes’ success is chronicled in her book Dare to Serve: How to Drive Superior Results by Serving Others. During her tenure, Popeyes’ stock price grew from $11 to $64, at which time the board sold the company to Restaurant Brands International Inc. for $1.8 billion, or $79 per share, in March 2017.

Cheryl’s earlier career included brand leadership roles at Yum! Brands, Domino’s Pizza, RJR Nabisco, the Gillette Company, and Procter & Gamble.

Cheryl is a director and compensation committee chair at Pier 1 Imports, Inc. She sits on the advisory board of Procter & Gamble’s franchising venture, Tide Dry Cleaners. She is a member of C200, an organization that fosters, celebrates, and advances women’s leadership in business.

Personal Purpose Guide
A guide to developing your personal purpose and principles for leadership

Cheryl Bachelder

Former CEO, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen; Author, Dare to Serve; Director, Pier 1 Imports, Inc.

Talk: Courage of Your Convictions

This session will challenge you to lead from your deeply held convictions by helping you:

  • Identify your purpose and principles
  • Bring your convictions into your leadership
  • See what this looks like in real life

María Teresa Kumar is the founding president and CEO of Voto Latino and an Emmy-nominated contributor with MSNBC. She started her career as a legislative aide for then–Democratic Caucus Chair Vic Fazio and graduated from Harvard Kennedy School and the University of California, Davis. Under her leadership, Voto Latino has become a key factor in national elections by registering over half a million voters and garnered several prestigious awards, including several Promax Gold Awards and Webby Honoree selections. She currently serves on the national boards of EMILY’s List and the Latino Leaders Network. When not in DC, María Teresa travels with her husband, Raj Kumar, and their two children.

María Teresa Kumar

President and CEO, Voto Latino

Talk: Owning the Space: A Guide to Public Speaking from the Boardroom to the Nightly News

In the session, you will learn:

  • How to build your confidence as a speaker
  • How to prepare for public speaking
  • Tips for giving a great talk or presentation

Jane Edison Stevenson, vice chair of Korn Ferry, works across the global governance continuum on behalf of clients. As the global leader for CEO succession, she serves Fortune 500 clients and high-growth companies on C-suite succession, top team effectiveness, and other key governance issues. She was acknowledged by BusinessWeek as one of the “100 Most Influential Search Consultants in the World."

Jane recently led an innovative research initiative with the Rockefeller Foundation’s "100x25" program for advancing 100 women to Fortune 500 CEO roles by 2025. The work includes in-depth behavioral interviews and leadership assessments with more than 55 current and recent Fortune 1000 women CEOs. The goal of the research is to determine the personal and professional factors that enabled their success in becoming CEOs and to apply that knowledge in creating the first-ever "road map" for companies to create future generations of women CEOs.

A thought leader on governance and innovation, Jane appears regularly in global business media, including BusinessWeek, Fortune, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, and strategy+business. Jane is a featured speaker at private forums for Fortune 500 clients including Detroit Economic Club, Simmons Leadership Conference, US Department of Treasury, the World Summit on Innovation, NACD, and ODX.

Women CEOs Speak: The Podcast Series

Women make up 45% of the S&P 500’s workforce, yet they are CEOs at only 5% of those S&P 500 firms.  To help spur change, Korn Ferry partnered with the Rockefeller Foundation to interview 57 women CEOs. The ultimate goal: 100 women CEOs of Fortune 500 companies by 2025. In this six-part podcast series, Women CEOs Speak, Korn Ferry presents the insights gleaned from the interviews and other research. The series is hosted by Evelyn Orr, chief operating officer for the Korn Ferry Institute.

Jane Edison Stevenson

Global Leader of CEO Succession Practice and Vice Chair of Board and CEO Services, Korn Ferry

Talk: Be Fearless

What can leaders learn from 57 women CEOs of major corporations? It turns out, a lot! In a ground-breaking study funded by The Rockefeller Foundation and Korn Ferry, key understanding of how to break through the glass ceiling has emerged.

  • You will see why light switches are being switched on for women and organizations all over the world.
  • “Be Fearless” will lay out the insights and the roadmap needed to move women forward in organizations everywhere.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Raised in Dallas, Swanee Hunt first made her mark as a civic leader and philanthropist in her adopted city of Denver, where she led community initiatives on social justice issues such as public education, affordable housing, women’s empowerment, gay rights, and mental health reform for two mayors and the governor of Colorado. From 1993 to 1997, she served as President Clinton’s ambassador to Austria, where she hosted negotiations and international symposia focused on stabilizing the neighboring Balkan states. For more than three decades, her foundation has advanced innovative and systemic approaches to social change at local, national, and global levels. Her work combating the demand for illegal purchased sex (including trafficking) and promoting the full inclusion of women leaders in international security processes spans more than sixty countries. Through Political Parity, she advocates for increasing the number of women in highest-level elected positions in the United States. At Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, Swanee is the Eleanor Roosevelt Lecturer in Public Policy, founder of the Women and Public Policy Program, senior fellow at the Center for Public Leadership, and senior advisor at the Carr Center for Human Rights.

Preface of Swanee Hunt's This Was Not Our War: Bosnian Women Reclaiming the Peace

The Preface of Amb. Hunt's L.L. Winship/PEN New England Award-winning book, This Was Not Our War, courtesy of Duke University Press.

"Lively, personal, often incredibly sad, and absolutely unforgettable."—Mary Whipple

“Replacing tyranny with justice, healing deep scars, exchanging hatred for hope—the women in This Was Not Our War teach us how.”—President Bill Clinton

"Tender Mercies" chapter from Swanee Hunt's Half-Life of a Zealot

Swanee Hunt

Former US Ambassador to Austria, Harvard Lecturer, Global Activist, Philanthropist

Talk: Public Service, Private Sacrifice

I have struggles and successes in common with hosts of people I’ll never meet. I transform disappointments into energy rather than encountering them again and again as obstacles along the way. Maybe you’ll recognize yourself… and avoid some mistakes I’ve made. Better yet, I hope you’ll savor more fully your own private and public triumphs.

  • transform disappointments into energy
  • learn from the mistakes of others
  • savor more fully your own private and public triumphs

Jennifer B. Kahnweiler, PhD, Certified Speaking Professional, is an author and global speaker hailed as a “champion for introverts.” Her bestselling Berrett-Koehler books, The Introverted Leader, Quiet Influence, and The Genius of Opposites have been translated into sixteen languages. Jennifer has spoken to leading organizations such as General Electric, Freddie Mac, NASA, the American Management Association, Turner Broadcasting, the US Centers for Disease Control, the American Library Association, and TEDx. She has delivered keynotes in Australia, Germany, Vietnam, Japan, and Paraguay. Her work has been featured in Fortune, Forbes, Time, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal. Jennifer serves on several professional boards and derives joy from being a mother and grandmother to all girls. She also serves as a mentor to many professional women. A native New Yorker, she now calls Atlanta, Georgia, home.


Chapters from Jennifer Kahnweiler’s The Introverted Leader, 2nd edition, and The Genius of Opposites

Jennifer Kahnweiler

Global Speaker, Author, Introvert Champion

Talk: The Power of Introverted Women

In this presentation, Jennifer reveals how introverted women leaders can harness their strengths to lead themselves and their organizations into the future. She will help you:

  • Understand the range of challenges introverted women leaders face
  • Learn how successful introverted women leaders build on their quiet strengths
  • Implement a practical 4 Ps road map that can be applied to make your introversion a source of great power
  • Develop strategies to make your organization more introvert-friendly and help your organization get the most out of introverted talent

Jessica Rohman is director of content at Great Place to Work, where she contributes to the company’s thought leadership efforts in the area of building great workplace cultures for all employees, across all industries and geographies. In her over fifteen-year career, she has worked with and conducted extensive research on the very best workplaces in the world, including those featured on the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For list.

Her work is published in Harvard Business Review, and she is coauthor of A Great Place to Work for All: Better for Business, Better for People, Better for the World (Berrett-Kohler, 2018). She is a frequent contributor to Fortune magazine and has been featured as an expert on great workplaces for media outlets such as the Miami Herald,, and Time.

Jessica holds a bachelor’s degree from UC Santa Barbara, where she graduated summa cum laude. She also holds a master’s in industrial and organizational psychology. She has conducted doctoral studies in human and organizational systems at the Fielding Institute. Jessica lives in Berkeley, California.

Chapters from A Great Place to Work For All: Better for Business, Better for People, Better for the World

In A Great Place to Work for All, global people analytics and consulting firm Great Place to Work—the company that selects the annual Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For list—shows how companies produce better business results by focusing on the work experience for every employee. In these free downloadable chapters, learn what it takes to build a Great Place to Work for All and why what was good enough to be considered “great” ten years ago is not good enough anymore.

Jessica Rohman

Senior Director of Content, Great Place to Work

Talk: The Truth about Creating a Great Place to Work for Women

Jessica Rohman, from global analytics firm Great Place to Work, will share the company's latest insights into how leaders can create a workplace that is great for women—and where they often fall short.

Attendees will learn:

  • New research that dispels myths around work-life balance as a “woman’s issue” and demonstrates how the best workplaces for women are more likely to be great places to work for everyone
  • Data illustrating how aligning the quality of men’s and women’s work experiences accelerates company performance across key business metrics
  • Insights into inconsistencies between men and women at work, including access to leadership, being treated as valuable contributors, and fair treatment
  • A new framework and best practices for making your workplace great for women and great for all

Gina Clayton-Johnson Gina Clayton-Johnson is the founder and executive director of Essie Justice Group (Essie). An award-winning social entrepreneur, attorney, activist, and advocate for women, Gina launched Essie (named after her great-grandmother Essie Bailey) in 2014 to support and empower women with incarcerated loved ones.

Gina’s experiences as an organizer and civil rights activist in Los Angeles led her to pursue the law. She interned and studied under some of the country’s most respected criminal justice reform organizations and leaders during her time at Harvard. After law school, Gina dedicated herself to working directly with low-income women and families impacted by the criminal justice system.

In addition to a juris doctorate from Harvard Law School, Gina holds a bachelor’s degree in American studies and ethnicity, with a minor in education, from the University of Southern California.

Because She's Powerful: The Political Isolation and Resistance of Women with Incarcerated Loved Ones: A National Report by Essie Justice Group

Gina Clayton-Johnson

Founder and Executive Director, Essie Justice Group

Talk: Because She's Powerful: The Political Isolation and Resistance of Women with Incarcerated Loved Ones

Is mass incarceration the largest barrier to gender justice today? In the current age of mass incarceration, at least one in four women has an incarcerated loved one. Women are being incarcerated more frequently today than ever before. Women’s lives are defined and confined by criminal justice control. Given that incarceration’s harm radiates from inside prison walls to well beyond them, a large number of women are directly suffering the consequences. This session asks and answers the question, what is mass incarceration doing to millions of women who have loved ones behind bars? Our research concludes that mass incarceration is:

  • A direct cause of significant to extreme psychological distress and trauma
  • A serious obstacle to the financial health and economic agency of women with incarcerated loved ones
  • Gina posits a new analysis: that the sum total effect of the social condition of women with incarcerated loved ones is most accurately described by what we call “political isolation.”

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Tara-Nicholle Nelson is the author of The Transformational Consumer and the founder and CEO of SoulTour, a personal growth school that serves conscious leaders and creators with a focus on spiritual well-being, leadership, and creative self-expression. Tara has led over 12,000 people through her 10 and 30 Day Writing Challenges for Conscious Leaders and creators, teaching them how to care for their souls with insights, rituals, and practices that unlock well-being in every area of their lives.

Tara is the former chief marketer for MyFitnessPal, the world’s largest health and fitness platform, where she led growth, engagement, and content transformation, taking the company from 45 to 120 million customers and through its acquisition by Under Armour. Tara has been featured in the New York Times, Essence, and VentureBeat, and Business Insider recently called her the “#1 woman Silicon Valley tech companies should be naming to their boards.”

Daily Declarations for Conscious Leaders and Creators; An Open Letter to Transformational Leaders; and the chapter "Rethink Your Culture" from Tara-Nicholle Nelson's The Transformational Consumer

Tara-Nicholle Nelson

Founder and CEO, SoulTour; Author, The Transformational Consumer

Talk: How to Bring Your Soul to Work: Spiritual Self-Care for Transformational Leaders

The most beloved brands and thriving businesses of our time will be led by women who bring 100% of themselves to work, including—and especially—their souls. This session reveals a spiritual self-care practice to cultivate the self-expression and strategic truth-telling superpowers of a truly transformational leader.

Attendees will learn:

  • The beginner’s guide to the human soul
  • Why soul-level creative power, unfettered self-expression, and strategic truth-telling will be the leadership superpowers in the next season of business
  • Actionable daily spiritual self-care practices you can start today to develop those powers and get into the flow state every day
  • How you can bring your whole team with you into the flow state

Grace Killelea is the CEO and founder of the GKC Group, a firm offering leadership development programs to high potential women and men. She is a highly rated and in-demand keynote speaker for companies and conferences on the topics of confidence, leadership, and resilience due to her expertise and her ability to captivate and motivate audiences.

An accomplished human resource and talent executive, Grace served as senior vice president of talent at Comcast Cable Corporation. After a thirty-plus year career spanning retail, human resources, and programming, Grace retired in 2012 to launch her firm.

Since founding the GKC Group, Grace has been awarded the SmartCEO Brava Award (2015), named a 2016 Woman to Watch by Philly Biz magazine, and honored with the “Smart, Bold, Strong” award by Girls Inc. of Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey (2016). In 2017, she spoke at TEDxPasadenaWomen on "Making the Jump: A Year of No Fear."

Grace earned her master’s degree in human resources from American University’s Kogod School of Business. Grace’s book, The Confidence Effect (AMACOM), was listed as one of the top business books of 2016 by and listed as a top ten bestseller for Women in Business on

The Confidence Toolkit

A practical conversation about confidence with Grace Killelea

Grace Killelea

Founder and CEO, Bestselling Author, Top-Rated Speaker

Talk: The Confidence Effect

Based on her bestselling book, The Confidence Effect, Grace’s presentation cites the research and statistics around women’s lack of professional advancement and what may be holding them back. She then moves beyond the data to focus on the steps that women can take to connect their competence to their confidence and build a strategy for their own success.

With a humorous approach, Grace will take the audience through the high points of The Confidence Effect, including:

  • How to clean off the lens we’re using
  • Understanding diverse leadership role models
  • What makes competence the foundation for success
  • What confidence is and how to achieve it
  • Moving toward success

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Marlene Williamson is the CEO and board director of Watermark, an executive leadership organization focused on the value of gender diversity to drive economic growth in business. Previously Marlene was chief marketing officer of a number of technology companies, including Alfresco, BigMachines (sold to Oracle), and Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (sold to Western Digital).

Prior to joining Hitachi, Marlene was vice president of global marketing for Ericsson. She has held vice president of marketing roles at Symantec, IBM, Polycom, and Acer. Earlier in her career, she led global consumer marketing at Apple.

She has been named Marketer of the Year by the American Marketing Association, Partner of the Year by Yahoo, Innovator of the Year by Google, Outstanding Female Executive in Silicon Valley by the YWCA, a Woman of Influence in Silicon Valley by the San Jose Business Journal and a Woman Who Has Made Her Mark by Watermark.

She is certified in corporate governance from Harvard, is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Executive Marketing Program, holds an MBA from DePaul University, and is a frequent international speaker on gender diversity and high-tech marketing issues.


What Women Want – and Why You Want Women – in the Workplace

Watermark and the Center for Creative Leadership partnered on a groundbreaking study examining what women want in the workplace and why organizations should want women.

Marlene Williamson

CEO and Board Director, Watermark

Talk: What Women Want – and Why You Want Women – in the Workplace

Marlene's presentation will discuss the highlights of a groundbreaking new study with the Center for Creative Leadership on what women want in the workplace and why you want women in the workplace.

  • Hear findings from a new study on what women want in the workplace
  • Learn why companies benefit from having women in leadership positions
  • Discover steps companies can take to help recruit, retain, and promote women

Danielle Blum is the developer and CEO of Hive Women. She is the facilitator for Hive's Women's Leadership Program as well as the facilitator for Hive's Female Founders Mastermind, where she supports the collaboration of female leaders making a positive change.

She has had the privilege of helping hundreds of leaders step into their purpose by empowering them with the tools and community they needed. She is passionate about human potential and how we can share and honor our unique gifts to benefit the collective. She has a vision of a globally unified world that works together to solve humanity’s greatest challenges. She believes that every single human matters and that we can make a difference.

She built a company called World Nativ, which is a community of entrepreneurs and leaders connecting minds and sharing knowledge. The World Nativ platform is an ecosystem that supports leaders through business and personal development training led by leading experts. Thousands of entrepreneurs have moved through the World Nativ network.

Danielle’s greatest joy comes from supporting individuals in finding their purpose and then turning their purpose into projects that uplift humanity.

How to Awaken Your Intuition & Blast Through Fear Blocks (Mini online workshop)

Imagine waking up every day feeling divinely guided and connected to your soul’s purpose on this planet. This powerful mini online workshop will teach you how to become aware of intuitive messages and will blast open your creativity so you can lead more powerfully in your life and creative projects.

Danielle Blum

Developer and CEO, Hive Women

Talk: Purpose-Aligned Leadership

During this presentation, Danielle shares her tips on:

  • The art of soul-aligned leadership
  • Using intuition to guide your projects
  • How to find your purpose

Tamara Winfrey-Harris is a writer who specializes in the ever-evolving space where current events, politics, and pop culture intersect with race and gender.

Well-versed on a range of topics, including Beyoncé’s feminism, Rachel Dolezal’s white privilege, and the black church and female sexuality, Tamara has been published in media outlets including the New York Times, Cosmopolitan, New York, Ebony, the American Prospect, and Ms. Her work, including “No Disrespect: Black Women and the Burden of Respectability,” which first appeared in Bitch magazine, has been republished in textbooks, including The Arlington Reader (Bedford/St. Martin’s 2013).

Tamara has also been called to share her analysis on media outlets, including NPR’s Weekend Edition and Janet Mock’s So Popular on, as well as university campuses nationwide, including Princeton University, Purdue University, and the Ohio State University.

Tamara’s first book, The Sisters Are Alright: Changing the Broken Narrative of Black Women in America, was published in 2015 by Berrett-Koehler Publishers. Called “a myth-busting portrait of black women in America” by the Washington Post, the book won the Phyllis Wheatley Award, IndieFab Award, Independent Publishers Living Now Award, and IPPY Award.


"Health: Fat, Sick, and Crazy" chapter of Tamara Winfrey-Harris's book The Sisters Are Alright: Changing the Broken Narrative of Black Women in America

Tamara Winfrey-Harris is providing the chapter "Health: Fat, Sick, and Crazy" from her book, The Sisters Are Alright: Changing the Broken Narrative of Black Women in America, because the first step in good leadership is taking care of yourself so you have the strength to be awesome.

Tamara Winfrey-Harris

Author, The Sisters Are Alright

Talk: Bad Bitch Rules: Leadership Lessons from Hip Hop and Pop

Can the woman who rapped “Anaconda” teach you how to be a corporate boss? Yes! Author Tamara Winfrey-Harris mines hip-hop and popular culture for leadership lessons. Participants will learn:

  • What rapper Nicki Minaj says about demanding your worth
  • How Beyoncé wields her power
  • What a Disney princess—Sleeping Beauty—can teach us about self-care
  • And more!

Monday, September 24, 2018

Liz Wiseman is a researcher and executive advisor who teaches leadership to executives around the world. She is the author of the New York Times bestseller Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter, The Multiplier Effect: Tapping the Genius inside Our Schools, and the Wall Street Journal bestseller Rookie Smarts: Why Learning Beats Knowing in the New Game of Work.

She is the CEO of the Wiseman Group, a leadership research and development firm headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. Liz has been listed on the Thinkers50 ranking and named one of the top ten leadership thinkers in the world.

She has conducted significant research in the field of leadership and collective intelligence and writes for Harvard Business Review, Fortune, and a variety of other business and leadership journals. A former executive at Oracle Corporation, she worked over the course of seventeen years as the vice president of Oracle University and as the global leader for human resource development.

She is a frequent guest lecturer at Brigham Young University (BYU) and Stanford University. Liz holds a bachelor’s degree in business management and a master’s of organizational behavior from BYU.

Bonus materials from Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter

A collection of our most helpful leadership resources from Liz Wiseman's book Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter

Liz Wiseman

Author, Researcher, Executive Advisor; CEO, The Wiseman Group

Talk: Taking on Oversized Jobs (or Mastering the Stretch Challenge)

It’s no secret that compared with men, women are often more reluctant to take on jobs that they feel underqualified for. What’s lesser known is that women tend to perform better than men in these situations. This session will explore:

  • Why women should say yes to oversized jobs
  • How to climb the learning curve
  • How to navigate the complexity and the politics of new assignments

Susan MacKenty Brady has been consulting, speaking, researching, and writing about the advancement of women since 1999, when she helped launch Linkage’s first leadership summit for women in business. She serves as the co-chair of Linkage's Women in Leadership Institute, now in its nineteenth year, with a global network of 10,000+ alumni worldwide.

She has become known as an advisor to male and female executives and an inspiration to women globally on what it takes to lead inclusively and advance into greater positions of leadership. Her forthcoming book, Mastering Your Inner Critic and 7 Other High Hurdles to Advancement: How the Best Women Leaders Practice Self-Awareness to Change What Really Matters, will be published with McGraw-Hill this fall. Susan earned her bachelor’s degree while on a theater scholarship at Marietta College and holds a master’s in educational leadership and applied behavioral sciences from Ohio University.

Sneak Peek at Susan Brady's upcoming book Mastering Your Inner Critic and 7 Other High Hurdles to Advancement: How the Best Women Leaders Practice Self-Awareness to Change What Really Matters

Susan MacKenty Brady

Executive Vice President of Commercial Strategy, Linkage

Talk: Lead with Your Best Self: Mastering Your Inner Critic and Other Hurdles to Advancement

Here’s the problem: We, as women, aren’t advancing nearly at the rate we want to or our organizations need us to. As we researched this issue, we found that women encounter career-limiting obstacles with very clear solutions.

Join Susan MacKenty Brady to learn:

  • What the Inner Critic and these career-limiting hurdles are and some ways to maximize your impact and get more of what you want
  • The role that self-awareness plays in leading inclusively and driving results
  • How you can leverage the Inner Critic to lead a more fulfilling life

Vien Truong is a policy expert and movement builder who has been a key architect in building an equitable and sustainable economy. She is CEO of the Dream Corps, which brings people together to solve America’s problems by backing initiatives that close prison doors and open doors of opportunity for all. The Dream Corps includes Green for All, which works to build an inclusive green economy to lift people out of poverty; #cut50, which works to reduce crime and incarceration in all 50 states; #YesWeCode, which works to help 100,000 young women and men of diverse backgrounds find success in the tech sector; and #LoveArmy, a national network of people committed to revolutionary love.

“Mom's Mobilize: Vien Truong's Story”

“Mom's Mobilize: Vien Truong's Story” (Episode 1) features Vien telling her personal story. Episode 1 is the first in a series of videos giving a voice to moms, documenting the stories of women and mothers raising their families on the frontlines of pollution. In this video Vien tells the story of her immigrant roots in Oakland and talks about her commitment to climate justice.   

The personal impact of how environmental issues affect low income communities across the country is what Vien and the non-profit Green for All hope to tap into with the #MomsMobilize campaign. Moms Mobilize is bringing together moms across the country to tell their stories in order to help create a future for us all. Moms Mobilize is tapping into the power of the personal narratives of women - specifically, mothers - to advance climate justice in America. Women have power to influence politics and policies and are a voice that must be heard. Vien’s voice is of a strong and clear mom, and the video will inspire others to take action and make a difference.

Vien Truong

CEO, Dream Corps

Talk: Let's Play Bigger: Women and Leadership

Women are owning the stage and making a significant contribution to solving some of the world's most pressing problems. We must continue to encourage and grow this enthusiasm by supporting each other to be all we can be.

  • Women owning the stage with enthusiasm
  • Women making significant contributions to solve world’s most pressing problems
  • Women encouraging each other

Jessica González-Rojas is the Executive Director at the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH). She has been a leader in progressive movements for two decades, successfully forging connections between reproductive health, gender, immigration, LGBTQ liberation, labor, and Latino civil rights. She is a frequent contributor to El Diario/La Prensa, MSNBC, and HuffPost on pressing reproductive health issues in the Latina community, as well as a regular media voice in local and national outlets. Jessica sits on the board of the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda and serves in an advisory role with the Anna Julia Cooper Center’s Intersectional Research Agenda, Law Students for Reproductive Justice, and Emily’s List. She was also a member of the steering committee for the New York City Council’s Young Women’s Initiative. Jessica and NLIRH have been honored for their work by the National Women’s Law Center, Emily’s List, LatinoJustice PRLDEF, Latina magazine, Cosmo for Latinas, the National Council of Jewish Women, Latism, and El Diario/La Prensa. Jessica is an adjunct professor of public service at the New York University’s Wagner Graduate School of Public Service and of Latino and Latin American studies at the City University of New York. She holds a master’s degree in public administration from New York University’s Wagner Graduate School of Public Service and a certificate from the Institute for Not-for-Profit Management at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business.

Chapter from Latinas: Struggles and Protests in 21st Century USA

Jessica González-Rojas

Executive Director, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health

Talk: Taking the Break We Need as Women Leaders

Although women are playing an increasingly important economic role in their families, communities and society and often carry the burden of economic and reproductive labor, they are less likely than men to take time off, and their health and well-being is suffering as a consequence. This workshop will provide:

  • Information regarding time off for the average woman worker in the United States
  • Recommended ways to maximize time off for self-care
  • Shared personal experience and learnings from my own process of taking a 3-month sabbatical

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Cy Wakeman is a drama researcher, global thought leader, and New York Times bestselling author who is recognized for cultivating a counterintuitive, reality-based approach to leadership. Backed by twenty years of unparalleled experience, Wakeman’s philosophy offers a new lens through which employees and executives alike can shift their attention inward, sharpen their focus on personal accountability, and uncover their natural state of innovation simply by ditching the drama.

Deemed “the secret weapon to restoring sanity to the workplace,” Wakeman has helped companies learn to navigate our rapidly changing world using good mental processes to harness energy wasted in workplace drama and reinvest that effort into achieving profound business results.

A highly sought-after conference headliner, Cy holds a Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association, placing her within the top 3% of speakers. She’s a regular contributor to,, HuffPost, and Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global. She’s been featured by the Today show, the AskGaryVee Show, the New York Times, Business Insider, the Daily Muse,, and many more. In 2018, she was voted Top 100 Leadership Expert to follow on Twitter and #10 on the Global Guru’s list of Top 30 Leadership Professionals.

Ego Bypass Toolkit

This Ego Bypass Toolkit includes a number of tools that help break projection, bypass ego, and move teams or individuals into self-reflection, which is the key driver of accountability. Using the tools and techniques in this document is a leader’s secret weapon to start defusing drama in the workplace and to get teams focused on conserving the energy lost to drama and putting it directly into outcomes and results. Some popular tools included are the Edit Your Story tool, Negative Brainstorm tool, Engaged Action Planning tool, and SBAR tool.

Cy Wakeman

President and Founder, Reality-Based Leadership

Talk: No Ego: How Leaders Can Cut the Cost of Workplace Drama, End Entitlement, and Drive Big Results

It is time to redefine leadership with science and research and to teach leaders strategies and tools that will actually work in their modern workplace. In this presentation, you will:

  • Discover strategies for eradicating entitlement with great tools such as the Engaged Action Planning Tool and the Negative Brainstorming Tool, which changes the energy of entire group meetings from “Why we can’t” to “How we could”
  • Develop highly effective mental processes in teams that hold all team members accountable for quality and excellence
  • Understand engagement from an entirely different perspective, one that is based upon listening to the highly accountable employees
  • Discover compelling research showing that current leadership strategic direction and foundational philosophies regarding change management, engagement, accountability, and leadership development are flawed and causing significant waste in the workplace
  • Uncover modern approaches to engagement and change management strategies

Glenn Harris is the president of the new Race Forward and publisher of Colorlines. The new Race Forward is the union of two leading racial justice non-profit organizations: Race Forward and Center for Social Inclusion (CSI), where Glenn has served as president since 2014. The new Race Forward will build on the work of both organizations to advance racial justice.

Glenn was previously the manager of the Seattle Race and Social Justice Initiative, whose mission is to end institutionalized racism in city government and promote multiculturalism and full participation by all residents. Glenn has supported the start of similar initiatives in jurisdictions across the country and helped found the Government Alliance on Race and Equity.

Glenn came to city government after serving five years as development director at Western States Center, an intermediary that provides technical assistance, training, research, and policy analysis in an eight-state region to grassroots organizations working to achieve social change. Glenn also served as the interim director at the MRG Foundation in Portland, Oregon.

Glenn is currently a board member of the Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity, the Willamette Valley Law Project, and the City Parks Alliance.

You Got This: Your Go-To Pep Talk

An inspirational message for those hard days when you need a reminder that women possess the spirit and skills to tackle any challenge

Glenn Harris

President, Race Forward; Publisher, Colorlines

Talk: I Got You: How to Be a Good Ally

This session will highlight the guiding principles behind supporting women's leadership in any field. Join Glenn to learn:

  • Essential principles that people and institutions should value and practice to affirm women leaders, particularly women of color
  • How we can create and implement policies that protect and promote women leaders
  • What is the "Woman Tax" and what men should do to check their bias and privilege
  • Tips and resources to share with colleagues of any gender

Tara O’Sullivan—in her role as chief marketing officer for Skillsoft, the global leader in e-learning—ensures that everything Skillsoft does, and especially its digital technology strategy, presents the company’s brand, voice, and vision consistently and authoritatively. Tara has extensive experience in using product marketing, branding, and driving strategic growth. Tara oversees the business and corporate marketing. Tara has over twenty-three years’ experience in B2B technology marketing including leadership positions at Oracle, IONA Technologies, SAS, and TES Global. She has a master’s in international marketing from University College Dublin.

Getting More Women in Leadership: What to Do Now

Tara O’Sullivan shares ideas about ways men and women can positively impact expanding women’s opportunities for leadership.

Tara O'Sullivan

Chief Marketing Officer, Skillsoft; Women in Leadership Advocate

Talk: Getting More Women in Leadership: Where We Are and Where We Need to Be

There has been endless discussion about getting more women into leadership positions. This talk is a level set about where we are and a broader discussion about where we need to be and how to get there. And spoiler alert: we need to include the white males.

Attendees will learn:

  • Top 10 things we can do for women today - all of us!
  • The board issue for women
  • How AI is going to impact women's jobs and what to do about it (sponsorship and education)

Magdalena Mook is the executive director and CEO of the International Coach Federation (ICF). She joined ICF in 2005 and has supported ICF with extensive experience in fundraising, development, consulting, and association management.

Previously, Magdalena worked as assistant director of national policy and director of development with the Council of State Governments (CSG), a national association of state officials in all three branches of US government. She oversaw the design and implementation of a development strategy for CSG, coordinated policy-specific research and implementation activities, and worked closely with USAID’s US-Asia Environmental Program. Prior to CSG, she served as program manager for the US Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service.

Magdalena’s formal education includes a master’s in economics and international trade from the Warsaw School of Economics in Poland and completion of the Copenhagen Business School’s Advanced Program in International Management and Consulting. She is also a trained coach through the College of Executive Coaching, and she holds a certificate in the fundamentals of systemic coaching.

Unlock Your Potential

Learn what coaching is, discover the benefits of partnering with a professional coach practitioner, and learn how to find a coach who can help you achieve your goals and unlock your potential with this helpful guide.

Magdalena Mook

CEO and Executive Director, International Coach Federation

Talk: Building a Coaching Culture for Empowerment

A strong coaching culture can help employees at all levels of your organization grow their skills, enhance their value, and reach their professional goals. It can also drive systemic changes leading to more diverse, inclusive workplaces.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why partnering with a professional coach can powerfully impact the way women work, lead, and live
  • The benefits of investing in a coaching culture for your organization
  • How you can drive change in your organization by starting the coaching conversation today

Tracy Sinclair is a professional certified coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). She is also a trained coaching supervisor and mentor coach and is an ICF assessor. Tracy trains coaches and works with leaders to develop their capacity as leader as coach.

Tracy is a corporate executive and board-level coach, a leadership development designer, and facilitator who has worked with a wide range of organizations, within the UK and internationally. She works with business leaders, executives, and other leaders to support and enhance their professional and personal development. She runs her own professional development business and coaching practice, which extends across a wide range of organizations and industries as well as private clients.

Tracy serves as a mentor coach with coaches working toward their ACC or PCC credentials. She also offers supervision to both new and experienced coaches as part of their ongoing professional and personal growth.

She is the 2018 ICF global board chair, having previously served on the board as secretary/treasurer and director. She was the president of ICF’s United Kingdom Chapter from 2013 to 2014.

Unlock Your Potential

Learn what coaching is, discover the benefits of partnering with a professional coach practitioner, and learn how to find a coach who can help you achieve your goals and unlock your potential with this helpful guide.

Tracy Sinclair

2018 International Coach Federation Global Board Chair

Talk: Building a Coaching Culture for Empowerment

A strong coaching culture can help employees at all levels of your organization grow their skills, enhance their value, and reach their professional goals. It can also drive systemic changes leading to more diverse, inclusive workplaces.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why partnering with a professional coach can powerfully impact the way women work, lead, and live
  • The benefits of investing in a coaching culture for your organization
  • How you can drive change in your organization by starting the coaching conversation today

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Lauren McNally, director of the AMA Women's Leadership Center (WLC), oversees the strategic direction of WLC membership and corporate initiatives. This includes content vision, event planning, and marketing strategies. Lauren developed AMA's first membership for women, building a comprehensive benefits program for professionals to support their advancement in the workplace. Membership was built for both individuals and corporations, with the ability to scale and support women's initiatives of any size globally. With thirteen years of creative and marketing experience, Lauren also leads AMA's creative department.

Prior to coming to AMA, Lauren was the creative director for the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), where she led member engagement marketing, communications, creative[Ed.6] , and event branding. Upon NAPW's merger with Professional Diversity Network, Lauren became the director of marketing, overseeing digital marketing and career events.

Lauren previously worked at several advertising agencies and design studios, where she developed recruitment advertising plans and designed experiences and collateral for major outdoor brands.

Lauren graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in visual communication design from the University of Hartford, where she was awarded Most Progressive Designer. She has completed various continuing education courses in leadership and received her certificate in digital marketing from eCornell.

Creating a Winning Women's Initiative Presentation Template AND 50% Off Women's Leadership Center Membership

With this presentation tool, create a thoughtful approach to improving or building a new women's development program within your organization. Ask yourself the right questions to build a strong foundation and gain buy-in for a winning women's initiative!

Receive your exclusive discount code for 50% off a one-year membership to the AMA Women's Leadership Center. Code included in download. Limited-time offer. Learn more about the AMA Women's Leadership Center at

Lauren McNally

Director, Women's Leadership Center at American Management Association

Talk: Breaking Down Barriers: Creating a Winning Women's Initiative (joint presentation with Tammy Swed)

In this conversation, learn to:

  • Build or enhance an empowering program
  • Address unique challenges women face in the workplace
  • Equip women with the right skills to thrive in business

Plus, get insights and practical tools to address unconscious bias, evaluate the needs of your audience, communicate the value of your initiative to gain buy-in from all levels, and create an inclusive culture where women are empowered to step up and go for it!

Tammy Swed is a learning solutions manager at AMA. She is responsible for the Business Excellence for Women portfolio of seminars.

In her role, Tammy identifies specific market trends and client needs, while collaborating with subject matter experts to design and develop impactful learning content that targets all professional women, no matter their experience level.

Tammy is an integral member of the AMA Women's Leadership Center. She was inspired to create a community that extends the conversation on issues that matter, where women are allowed to share, connect, and learn from one another in a safe and supportive environment.

Tammy holds a master’s in industrial organizational psychology.

Creating a Winning Women's Initiative Presentation Template AND 50% Off Women's Leadership Center Membership

With this presentation tool, create a thoughtful approach to improving or building a new women's development program within your organization. Ask yourself the right questions to build a strong foundation and gain buy-in for a winning women's initiative!

Receive your exclusive discount code for 50% off a one-year membership to the AMA Women's Leadership Center. Code included in download. Limited-time offer. Learn more about the AMA Women's Leadership Center at

Tammy Swed

Learning Solutions Manager, American Management Association

Talk: Breaking Down Barriers: Creating a Winning Women's Initiative (joint presentation with Lauren McNally)

Simply saying you have a women's initiative isn't enough. To create impact in your organization, you need support, structure, and development opportunities.

In this conversation, learn to:

  • Build or enhance an empowering program
  • Address unique challenges women face in the workplace
  • Equip women with the right skills to thrive in business

Plus, get insights and practical tools to address unconscious bias, evaluate the needs of your audience, communicate the value of your initiative to gain buy-in from all levels, and create an inclusive culture where women are empowered to step up and go for it!

Aimee Allison is a thought leader, public speaker, writer, and expert on women of color in politics. She is president of Democracy in Color, a national media organization focused on race, politics, and the New American Majority. Aimee is the founder of She the People, a multiplatform initiative to crystallize and amplify the political voice of women of color. In 2016, Aimee organized and moderated the first DNC Chair Forum highlighting the central role of women of color in the future of the Democratic Party. In 2017, she launched “Get in Formation,” a national call for black women to support Stacey Abrams, who could be the first black woman governor in the history of the United States. Aimee is also the host of the acclaimed Democracy in Color podcast. She contributed political commentary for KQED, Pacifica, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and Mic and has written for the New York Times, Essence, Teen Vogue, the Hill, and HuffPost. Aimee lives in Oakland, California. You can follow her on Twitter: @AimeeAllison.

How to Access Your Best Leadership

Listen in as Aimee Allison (President of Democracy in Color and Founder of She the People) shares her wisdom and personal experience on how to tap into your best leadership.

Aimee Allison

President, Democracy in Color; Founder, She the People

Talk: She the People: Amplifying the Political Voice of Women of Color in 2018 and Beyond

She the People, a project of Democracy in Color (led by President Aimee Allison), based in the San Francisco Bay Area, is working to highlight the importance of women-of-color leadership to spark a national conversation and empower the multiracial New American Majority.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Devise new strategies for building awareness and inciting action
  • Affirm, strengthen, and support alternative voices (particularly those of women and people of color)
  • Elevate the voices and leadership of women of color in elected politics
  • Support base-building based on community
  • Inspire and coordinate networks of networks

Rinku Sen is a writer and a political strategist. She has trained thousands of organizers, activists, and agents of social change throughout the world. Rinku has over thirty years’ executive experience leading racial justice organizations in the United States.

She is currently senior strategist at Race Forward, having formerly served as executive director and as publisher of its award-winning news site, Colorlines. She is also a James O. Gibson Innovation Fellow at PolicyLink. Under Rinku’s leadership, Race Forward generated some of the most impactful racial justice successes of recent years, including Drop the I-Word, a campaign for media outlets to stop referring to immigrants as “illegal,” resulting in the Associated Press, USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, and many more outlets changing their practice. Her books Stir It Up and The Accidental American theorize a model of community organizing that integrates a political analysis of race, gender, class, poverty, sexuality, and other systems.

Rinku is a key advisor in the philanthropy world and a devoted board member of numerous social justice organizations. She serves on the board of Maven, the largest independent media coalition in North America. Rinku also writes and curates the news at

A Note for the Newbie: Advice for the Beginning of Your Career

Whether you're a newbie or someone who gets asked for advice a lot, this tool is for you. This is a letter you can send someone who's asked for guidance or read for yourself if you're at the start of your career. It includes key tips to help newbies do well in their early jobs and carve a path for a great career in any field.

Rinku Sen

Author, Activist, Strategist

Talk: Dear Sister: How to Be and Find an Exceptional Mentor 

This session will guide participants in how to select great mentoring relationships, no matter which side you fall on. Participants will:

  • Learn practical tools they need to assess whom they should work with
  • Get tips for how to get started
  • Learn how to grow and develop a mentorship over time
  • Hear about the skills and responsibilities of satisfying mentors and rewarding mentees

Dr. Kellie McElhaney is a professor and Distinguished Teaching Fellow at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. She is the founding director of the new Center for Gender, Equity, and Leadership. She has helped develop the school’s gender equity strategy, leading to a significant increase of Haas female MBA matriculates and an increase in female satisfaction and engagement. In 2003 she founded the Center for Responsible Business, solidifying corporate responsibility as a core competency and competitive advantage of the school. She also started the Haas Socially Responsible Investment Fund and received the Founder and Visionary Award at Haas.

She has developed and teaches a variety of courses linked to her areas of expertise in the undergraduate, MBA, and executive MBA programs at the Haas School of Business, as well as in executive education programs globally. She is the author of Just Good Business: The Strategic Guide to Aligning Corporate Responsibility and Brand.

Kellie consults and keynotes for Global 1000 companies and organizations all over the world on strategic leadership for investing in women, diversity and inclusion, and corporate responsibility. She also has a TED Talk on these topics.

Berkeley Haas Case Series: Eliminating the Gender Pay Gap: Gap Inc. Leads the Way

This case study examines Gap Inc. as a trailblazer in gender pay equality with a focus on investing in gender equity in leadership. Since Gap Inc. made history in 2014 by becoming the first Fortune 500 company to announce that it pays female and male employees equally for equal work, attention toward equal pay for individual employees, companies, and governments has continued to grow. This case provides a historical perspective of pay in the United States, defines methods for accurately measuring it, identifies the barriers to equal pay, and describes practices and policies companies can implement to achieve equal pay and attain higher representation of female leadership. This case highlights the way in which Gap has achieved equal pay and continues to ensure it, including annual pay analysis, the prevalence of sponsorship, family-friendly policies, and more.

Kellie A. McElhaney, PhD

Professor, Founder, Author, Consultant

Talk: The Lioness Factor: The Power of Investing in Female Leaders

A well-proved case shows that achieving equal numbers of women as men in positions of both public sector and private sector leadership is linked to higher returns and a better world, country, and organization. This presentation will:

  • Show the evidence-based story of women as an asset
  • Explore the systemic, policy, cultural, and individual issues that hold women back
  • Give specific strategies and solutions to amplify women—and in turn, men

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Patrisse Khan Cullors – artist, organizer, educator, popular public speaker, and Los Angeles native—is the cofounder of the Black Lives Matter Global Network and founder of the grassroots Los Angeles–based organization Dignity and Power Now. She is also a senior fellow at MomsRising, where she is working on ending maternal mortality and morbidity.

In 2013, Patrisse co-founded a global movement with the viral Twitter hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, which has since grown into an international organization with dozens of chapters around the world fighting antiblack racism. In January 2016, Patrisse Cullors published her memoir, When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir, which became an instant New York Times bestseller.

Patrisse has been honored with various awards, including the Sydney Peace Prize (2017); Black Woman of the Year (2015) from the National Congress of Black Women; Civil Rights Leader for the 21st Century (2015) from the Los Angeles Times; Community Change Agent (2016) from Black Girls Rock!, Inc.; Women of the Year Award: The Justice Seekers (2016) from Glamour; and Essence’s first-ever Woke 100 Women award.

Patrisse is currently a 2019 master of fine arts candidate at the University of Southern California.

Chapter from When They Call You a Terrorist
“Community, Interrupted”: Chapter 1 from Patrisse Khan Cullors’s memoir with Asha Bandele, When They Call You a Terrorist

Patrisse Khan Cullors

Co-founder, Black Lives Matter; Founder and Board Member, Dignity and Power Now

Talk: Leadership Lessons from Black Lives Matter

In this session you'll learn key lessons from the last five years of #BLM:

  • Build or enhance an empowering program
  • Address unique challenges women face in the workplace
  • Equip women with the right skills to thrive in business

Vicky Williams has over eighteen years’ experience in scholarly publishing, working across editorial, business development, product development, and marketing functions. Before taking over as CEO of Emerald Publishing, she was group director of People for the Emerald Group and CEO of Emerald’s creative agency business, Research Media.

Vicky—a Cambridge graduate with a master’s in international business from Leeds Beckett in the UK—is also a keen advocate for gender diversity in academic publishing, launching Emerald’s workplace diversity program, Stride, and appearing as a panelist on the issue at international academic conferences and events.

Vicky Williams

CEO, Emerald Publishing

Talk: Q&A on Gender Equity

    Angela Glover Blackwell, founder in residence, started PolicyLink in 1999. Under Angela’s leadership, PolicyLink gained national prominence in the movement to use public policy to improve access and opportunity for all low-income people and communities of color, particularly in the areas of health, housing, transportation, and infrastructure. Prior to founding PolicyLink, Angela served as senior vice president at the Rockefeller Foundation. A lawyer by training, she gained national recognition as founder of the Oakland, California, Urban Strategies Council. From 1977 to 1987, Angela was a partner at Public Advocates. Angela is the coauthor of Uncommon Common Ground: Race and America’s Future (W. W. Norton, 2010), and she authored “The Curb-Cut Effect,” which was published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review in 2017. As a leading voice in the movement for equity in America, she is a frequent speaker at major conferences and a commentator for some of the nation’s top news organizations. Angela serves on numerous boards, and she also advises the board of governors of the Federal Reserve as one of fifteen members of its Community Advisory Council.

    A chapter of Angela Glover Blackwell’s book Uncommon Common Ground: Race and America's Future

    Angela Glover Blackwell

    Office of the Founder in Residence, PolicyLink

    Talk: Radical Imagination Fueling Change

    Only radical imagination will create true transformation at this moment in the nation’s history. The main benefits of this talk are:

    • Easing the fear of those who are afraid of what lies ahead
    • Inspiring the hope of those who don’t yet know [how] they can make a difference
    • Guiding those in the equity movement to seek tangible outcomes

    Jory Des Jardins pioneered social marketing as cofounder and president of BlogHer, a media marketplace representing thousands of digital influencers, which reached 100 million monthly unique viewers at the time of its acquisition in 2014. Today, she is coalescing corporates, startups, developers, and consumers around a Blockchain-empowered internet. In 2016 she cofounded Virago, a passion project enabling dozens of female founders to connect with scale opportunities and grow their startups. As a startup advisor, Jory specializes in companies that are evolving digital influence, social content, and media models, focusing on consumer marketplaces, e-commerce, Blockchain/token-based economies, and AR/VR/MR . She believes in “sustainable scale” that builds growth quickly while maintaining the customer community value proposition. Among the companies she advises are PracticalXR, AIKON, and SheWorx.

    The Female Entrepreneur's Essential Reading Guide

    Jory Des Jardins

    Global Head of Community, ConsenSys; Co-founder, BlogHer

    Talk: Founding While Female

    There's no shortage of information for aspiring founders on how to start, fundraise for, and grow your company, but why aren't more women getting funded and growing companies? This talk will delve into the fundamental areas where female founders tend to do things differently than their male counterparts:

    • Women founders prioritize solving problems over cool new tech
    • Women founders often have different milestones than prospective investors
    • Women founders often don't ask for "enough" money
    • Women founders often prefer "base hits" to risking it all for a "home run"
    • Women founders tend to be brutally honest

    Here's everything you'll receive:

    1. 25+ Hours of Women’s Leadership Video Training for easy download and unlimited viewing or listening in your car/home/phone [Value: $497]
    2. 30+ Practices and Proven Techniques to amplify your voice, build your capacity for risk-taking, and overcome barriers to your personal success [Value: $197]
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